Heartisans - Atlanta is a group of musicians who are fans of Heart. We perform the music we love and share the live experience of Heart’s classic rock hits – “Magic Man,” “Straight On,” “Barracuda,” “These Dreams,”to name a few.We also dive into some of the deep cuts that showcase the multi-instrumental talent of Ann and Nancy Wilson.We look forward to bringing the full HEART experience to our audience with songs from the entirety of Heart’s career.



Marva -

Lead & Backup vocals, keys

Major Influences: "HEART! (Since age 14 in 1984 when I first heard the Greatest Hits Live album, I've wanted to be Ann Wilson if I grew up. I'll never grow up, so she really doesn't have to worry or anything...); Styx, Journey, Pat Benatar, Tori Amos, The Beatles, a lot of 60s, 70s and 80s music with strong vocals and awesome harmonies."

What I Love About Heart: " Favorite band of all time. Overall - mostly the songs they wrote themselves, but I also love how they made many of the songs others wrote their own.
- Ann Wilson. Vocal ability, musicianship, stage presence, how she emotes while singing, harmonizing... amazing.
- Nancy Wilson. Vocals, harmonies and musicianship.
- Bandmates. I miss Howard Leese and other originals, but change happens. I love how Heart is still around, writing and performing in various incarnations. I hope they get back to touring this year."

Favorite Heart Song: "There are too many to pick favorites. Like, seriously. "Allies," "America," "Cherry Blossom Road," "Dog and Butterfly," "Fallen From Grace," "How Can I Refuse," "How Deep It Goes," "I Got the Music in Me," "I Love You," "If Looks Could Kill," "In Walks the Night," "Johnny Moon," "Love Alive," "Raised On You," "RSVP," "Strong, Strong Wind," "Tall Dark Handsome Stranger," "Two," "Under the Sky," "You're the Voice"


Lead & Backup vocals, rhythm guitar,acoustic guitars

Major Influences: The Beatles ("one of the first songs I learned to play on guitar was "All My Lovin"), Yes ("Been a fan since about the age of 6! Fell in love with their harmonies, Jon Anderson's voice and Rick Wakeman's heavenly keyboard sounds!"), Elton John ("his music and Bernie Taupin's lyrics literally saved my life on several occasions over the years"), Led Zeppelin (for obvious reasons), Peter Frampton (because Frampton Comes Alive) and Rush (because Moving Pictures changed my world and Alex Lifeson's playing just blew me away! Plus, he was just so freakin' HOT!"). 

- What I Love About Heart: "I was just learning to play guitar when 'Magic Man' hit the airwaves. I was in awe of Ann's incredible vocals and Nancy's playing abilities!" 

- Favorite Heart Song: "Really tough choice. It's a toss-up between 'Magic Man,' 'Even it Up,' and 'Dog and Butterfly.'"Add text


rhythm & Lead guitar, backing vocals

Major Influences: Jeff Beck, Robben Ford,,Return to Forever, Al DiMeola ,John McLaughlin and Chuck Mangione

What I Love About Heart: "The vocal harmonies, guitar arrangements and versatility of the band."

 Favorite Heart Song: Mistral Wind, Nada One (from Dog and Butterfly),Cry to Me, Fanatic


bass, acoustic guitars

Chuck Rainey, Geddy Lee, Paul Simonon, Steve Harris, Geezer Butler, Leon Wilkeson, Nathan Lamar Watts, Steve Fossen, Flea, John Paul Jones

What I Love About Heart: What I love about Heart:  First and foremost, their songwriting.  They've written a fairly diverse and infectious catalog of music that I never get tired of hearing.  I've been a fan since the first time I heard them playing on a jukebox in 1979 - and I kept popping the quarters in to hear them again.  I have great admiration for Ann and Nancy in creating such a classic American band that has also proved to be an inspiration for musicians of all genders to follow their lead.  Even with all of the praise they've received, it never seems like get quite as much as they truly deserve.

Favorite Heart Song: "Straight On" was the one that opened the door for me and the one I'll never tire of hearing or playing.  However, "Mistral Wind" is a very close 2nd.


drums & Percussion

  Drums, percussion
Major Influences: "KISS - Alan learned to play drums by listening to Peter Criss (the Love Gun album, the first rock record I ever owned) but a bigger influence on my style was Eric Carr; David Bowie, Neil Peart (of course!), Mick Fleetwood, Alan White of Yes, Stewart Copeland of the Police."
What I Love About Heart: "I've known Heart since the very beginning - I had just started listening to Top 40 radio in 1975, so when Heart's first hits started getting airplay, I was there listening. I actually became a fan around the time that they came to the Lakeland Civic Center on the Dog & Butterfly tour in February 1979. I clearly remember checking Dreamboat Annie out from the library, but the first Heart album I actually bought was Bebe le Strange in 1980 and saw them for the first time on that tour. I love that they can move from hard rock to really delicate acoustic stuff to pop hits all on the same album. They have amazing range."
Favorite Heart Song: "Dream of the Archer" (a Tolkien-esque mandolin jam from Little Queen).